A soffit is more than a roof component


A soffit is most often thought of as a component of the eave of a house but it is also found in other places within the building. Soffit is a word derived from the Latin word “suffigere,” which means “fixed underneath.” So in a typical house you will find soffits on ceilings, stairs and cornices; however, fascias & soffits in North Wales are most often found as eave components, the soffit being the horizontal surface fixed under the eaves and the facia being the vertical surface fixed on the rafter ends.

The physical size of the soffit boards depends on the roof design and construction. If the roof has a large overhang then the soffit will be wide, often a soffit can be as wide as three feet, and conversely there are roof overhands so small that the soffit is only three inches. There are also instances where there is no soffit whatsoever as the fascia board is fastened to the top of the wall.

Fascias & soffits in North Wales have a purpose other than enclosing the loft area of the house. The soffit boards hold the loft ventilation grids; the fascia boards hold the rainwater gutter and down pipe system. Since this area of the eaves is subjected to more water than any other part of the house, it is not uncommon for repairs or replacements to become necessary. When wood is frequently wet, it will begin to rot, rioting wood will then lose its strength and before long, the soffit can be penetrated by nesting birds, squirrels or rodents. Once the fascia or soffit has been breached, it is also an ideal home for bees and wasps to set up home and although they do not necessarily cause any damage to the structure, they are an annoyance to the residents of the home.

Replacing sections of either the fascias or soffits is not difficult. First remove the gutter in the affected area and then the fascia board. With this done, the soffit can be removed and a new section installed in its place. In most cases, the fascia will be replaced at the same time and then the gutter is re-installed. Once the new Fascias & Soffits North Wales have been installed, a quick paint job will seal the new wood from the rain.


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