Eye Exams and Glasses From Optometrists in East Stroudsburg, PA

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Eye care

Optometrists East Stroudsburg PA provide a full range of eye care, from routine exams to eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. Even if you don’t need vision correction, it’s still a good idea to go to the optometrist. The optometrist can check your eyes and give you screening exams that may detect not just vision problems but also other illnesses. For example, an optometrist may look into a patient’s eyes and see evidence of tiny hemorrhaging in the retinas, which is a sign of diabetes.

A patient may otherwise be feeling fine and not notice any symptoms yet. In this case, going to the optometrist may provide early detection so the patient can go to their regular doctor for a diagnosis. Early detection is key to managing diabetes. Without detection and disease management, diabetes can cause all kinds of problems like heart disease. It can result in having foot amputations and even death.

Optometrists East Stroudsburg PA will do a glaucoma screening. It’s very simple and quick, and it can catch glaucoma early so you can save your sight. You place your forehead against a frame and get a little puff of air into one eye at a time. The optometrist will tell you if you should have this exam each year or every two years.

If you do need glasses, optometrists often stock the latest and most fashionable frames in their shop. However, if you already have a frame that you love, you can bring that in with you and ask if the optical lab can make your new glasses with these frames. It isn’t always possible to make glasses for every patient out of just any frame. For example, if you require a thick lens, you may not be able to have over-sized frames because the extra large lens they’d have to make could distort your vision. For those who do need a thick lens prescription, the good news is that optical labs can now make your thick lens or lenses much thinner than they could before. They can also add a coating for protection when you’re outside or when your looking at a computer screen all day.

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