What is Cargo Revenue Accounting Software?

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Business

With the millions of people who fly on airplanes every year, and all the thousands of possible destinations, keeping track of all the information could get very difficult. The task is much too much for one person, or even a team of people, to handle. That is why there is Cargo Revenue Accounting software. The software can simplify many of the aspects of running an airline.

There are several Cargo Accounting products on the market, and all of them have different capabilities. Some of the main functions these products have are:

Compile your sales reports

process your mail for you

load data from CASS files

match sales with flights

manage the outward billings and inward audits

generate reports with your statistics

perform auditing of your rates

compliance with SIS

controls the flight manifests for you

creates invoices

handles your ADM / ACM

analyze your revenue stream

interline pro ration that is fully automated

minimize errors through automation

lower rejection rates and maximize income with invoice accuracy

lower your cost of running by charging by the use

handle difficult contracts with costumers with pricing engine

A Cargo Accounting program is pretty much essential to an airline. There are many benefits to using one and every one knows that easier is better. Before you rush in and purchase just any software, keep in mind that each one is a little bit different. One product might be better than another, finding the best to fit your needs will take some looking around and investigating. Think of the main functions you require in your Cargo Revenue Accounting software and make a list. When you are looking through your options keep this list on hand to help you decide which one is best for you and your airline.

If price is a concern, keep all the benefits of the software in mind. Also, keep in mind the fact that using the automated system will save you money. The promise of accuracy can help stop you from making costly errors in your paperwork. More money up front is better than having a business that is losing money due to oversight. Go grab your pen and make your list of needed functions to start on the path of making life easier for yourself.

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