A Brief Explanation of How Probate or Inheritance Loans Work


Losing a loved one in death is a harrowing experience. It can take a toll on you emotionally and financially. There is no amount of money that can ever buy back what is lost when a loved one dies.

However, if you are due to inherit money or property, you might benefit from being able to get access to that money now. This is where probate advances can come in handy.

In a traditional lending process, when a person dies and has a will, their executor is responsible for going through probate. This means taking inventory of the estate and ensuring that everything is up-to-date and paid for. This is also the process whereby heirs and beneficiaries get the inheritance that was left behind for them.

If a person dies without a will, the state may appoint someone to handle the estate and carry out this probate process. Depending on how complicated the probate process is, it can take up to nine months after a person dies before the heirs get what was left to them. In some cases, it can take years. Probate advances can make the process easier by letting heirs get access to the value of their estate or inheritance immediately.

It is important to note that an inheritance loan is not really a loan. The lender will evaluate the estate and determine how much it is worth and how much the applicant will inherit. The lender then will offer an amount of money that is less than the full inheritance. Once probate ends, the lender will have the right to the full value of the inheritance.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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