Requirements for Passing a Utah Car Inspection in New Jersey


Like many other states, Utah requires two major vehicle inspections: safety and emission. When a motor vehicle is inspected, the inspectors are looking for mechanical defects that can cause the car to be unsafe. If defects are found, the vehicle owner will have time to repair them and go for another safety inspection. If the vehicle passes the inspection, a sticker is placed on the windshield saying so.

By learning the automobile requirements for Utah, bringing vehicles for a Car Inspection New Jersey is much easier depending on the type of vehicle one has. For example, Franks Auto Repair & Auto Body Inc performs both safety inspections and emissions tests, which Utah requires for each automobile. In a safety inspection, the entire car is searched for defects including the steering, tires, wheels and rims, brakes, headlights and taillights, reflectors, turn signals, safety glass, and the exhaust system, to name a few. When checking the steering, the mechanic ensures it operates normally without excessive play and with a secure sector shaft. The tires must have at least 1/16 inch tread depth while the wheels and rims should be free of bad bends and twists with secure lug bolts. The brakes must be sufficient in stopping the vehicle correctly. Ohio state law requires both headlights and taillights to be functioning properly. Each vehicle must have two red reflectors and properly functioning turn signals. The safety glass on these vehicles must be free of cracks, discoloration, and diffusion. The exhaust system must be deemed in good working order and constant operation to pass a safety inspection.

Emissions inspections are required in New Jersey. Vehicles that are less than six years old must have an inspection every two years while older vehicles must have one each year. These tests prove the car does not emit an excessive amount of smog. In most cases, repairs will be made so that each car will pass a Car Inspection New Jersey, provided the money is available. If one does not choose to repair the vehicle, it is deemed unsafe to drive, and the driver can be fined if pulled over. See more of Frank’s Auto Repair and Auto Body of Fanwood, NJ on Facebook.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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