3 Reasons to Use a Dog Boarding in Manhattan Instead of Leaving Your Dog Home Alone


Every dog lover must experience their first time leaving their precious Spot or Lassie and going on a trip away from home. Many owners are unsure how to handle their pet situation when leaving home, and most feel their dog would be fine simply being left home alone. However, use a Dog Boarding in Manhattan area can be more beneficial for your furry friend, and put your mind at ease so you enjoy your trip. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a kennel.

Separation anxiety

Contrary to a lot of beliefs, dogs actually can suffer from separation anxiety, and dogs of any age are susceptible. Although they are intelligent creatures, dogs have a low understanding of why you leave home, even if it’s just for a work day. Longer, extended periods of time away can take a much worse toll. Dogs are incredibly social and need a lot of attention.

Keep your home safe

It goes without saying that even the most trained animal can sometimes take on a wilder side, especially when provoked with something like separation anxiety. Most dogs, even if they are perfectly trained, while you’re gone will destroy your home as a way of coping with your absence. Putting your pup in a boarding kennel can help avoid any furniture ripping, trash destruction, or “accidents” on the carpet.

Monitoring by trained individuals

Last, your doggy can be watched consistently by trained and loving individuals. If your pet shows signs of sickness or anxiety, those who run the Dog Boarding are well-equipped to pinpoint it. Those who work there also tend to be other animal lovers just like you, and will treat your pup with the love and attention they deserve.

As you can see, putting your puppy into a boarding in Manhattan could be one of the best decisions you could ever make. Your dogs will love the attention they receive and the experience of being there, and be more excited than ever to see you when you return. If you’re going on a long trip, consider researching a Dog Boarding in Manhattan and letting your dog get a vacation as well. Please visit NY Tails for Dog Boarding in Manhattan

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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