Tip for Preparing your Pet for an Emergency Vet Trip in San Francisco

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Dogs

When needing to see an Emergency Vet San Francisco residents know that they should already be prepared, just as they would if they were taking their own family into the emergency room. However, many residents think about preparing their families for any eventuality, but forget to take the same care with their pets. If you are ready to get the animal part of your family prepared for any accident that might happen, read on below for a few tips.

The first thing you will want to do is get a rescue alert sticker that will let rescue workers know in the wake of a tragedy, they should be looking for a pet in the home. On this sticker you should have what kind of pet you have, the name of your Emergency Vet in San Francisco, and the telephone number where they can be reached.

You never want to leave your pets behind in the event of an emergency. You should have a plan in action, so that you will have a safe haven to leave your pet in, if for some reason you have to leave them. When seeking an Emergency Vet in San Francisco residents should remember that the Red Cross does not accept animals, even in a disaster, so you should see if your vet knows of any shelters, or even has a boarding clinic on site.

Just as you prepare an emergency pack for your family, you should have an emergency pack for you dog as well. Things to include in the pack are:

1. A pet first aid and guide book
2. Three to seven days of pet food, canned or dry
3. Disposable litter pan. You can use aluminum pans, since they are easier to store, carry, and throw away.
4. A crate or sturdy carrier, so that you can crate the animal at night, or when the need arises
5. Recent photos of your animal, just in case you get separated

These are only a few of the things you can put in an animal emergency pack, but it is a start. Just like with your family, you need to have a plan for your pet, because after all, they are part of  your family as well.

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