Preparing for Your Consultation with an Injury Attorney Professional


Your initial consultation with an injury attorney Chicago professional is one of the most important meetings you will have about your case. This is the time when you will discuss your case with an attorney for the first time to determine if you have a valid argument for compensation. If you don’t have the proper documentation or if you aren’t prepared for the consultation, you might not get the best information regarding your options. Here are some things you should know about meeting with an attorney for the first time about your case.

Signing Release Forms

If you are planning on suing someone due to injuries that you say they caused to you, it’s important that your attorney has access to your medical records. They will need to show that you were not suffering from the ailments you claim the defendant has caused prior to the incident in question. The attorney may ask you to sign release forms that gives them access to your records so they can begin researching your case right away.

Bring Relevant Photos

Do you have pictures of the accident scene? Did you take photos of any bruises or injuries that you sustained during the accident? If so, bring those with you to your consultation with your injury attorney in Chicago. They can look at the photos and make an initial determination about your case. In some cases, they can tell if the accident was a result of negligence depending on the situation and circumstances. They can also determine if your injuries were significant enough to warrant punitive damages.

Medical Bills

If you were hospitalized following a personal injury incident, you should bring any medical bills you’ve received when you have your consultation with an attorney. These bills should include an explanation of your injuries along with a schedule of treatment and any medications that were administered to you during the time you were being treated.

List of People to Whom You Have Spoken

Your potential attorney is going to want to know who you have talked to about the accident. This will help determine a course of action. For instance, the attorney might take a different approach to your case if the other party’s insurance company has already contacted you about accepting a settlement. Keep a list of people who you talk to so you can present it the attorney when you meet with him for the first time. For more information visit at Shea Law Group.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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