Why Using Agriculture Technology in the United States Is Such a Smart Idea

by | May 12, 2022 | Agricultural Service

Why Using Agriculture Technology in the United States Is Such a Smart Idea

The days of farms staffed with workers using pitchforks and manual tillers are long since gone. Today, even the smallest of farms use some form of technology to make their job much easier. While there may still be some stubborn old-timers out there, the benefits of using Incompass Ag technology in McGehee AR, are undeniable.

Keeps Crops Safe

Weeds, pests, and even diseases can play havoc with crops in the field. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, you reduce or even eliminate these things from harming your crops. Special imaging known as hyper spectral is used to detect these problems early so that the farmer can take care of them before they become a widespread problem.

Genetic Modification

By modifying the genes in crops, especially such crops as potatoes and corn, through the use of technological advances, farmers are assured that their harvest will be as robust as possible. Before this, farmers were at the mercy of changing weather patterns which could lay waste to the entire annual harvest and bankrupt small farms in no time at all.

Refrigeration Equipment

To maximize revenue, harvested crops need to be kept cool when they are being transported to the market or grocery store. To do this, advancements in Incompass Ag technology in McGehee, AR, portable refrigeration units have been developed so that the crops can be kept cool and fresh. Stores and consumers are not going to purchase wilted vegetables that do not look attractive on the store shelves or market tables.

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