What To Think About When Choosing Countertops For Your St. Paul, MN, Kitchen

by | May 11, 2022 | Granite Countertops

Remodeling a kitchen is the most effective way to turn an older home into a newer looking and feeling place to live. A renovation can include a complete remodel of your St. Paul, MN, kitchen, or it can be as basic as simply painting the counters and cabinets and adding new countertops and flooring.

Whether you opt for a full remodel or just an update in the fixtures and the colors of the kitchen, choosing the right materials for your new countertops should be a priority decision. The type of countertop will determine if counters need to be replaced, which may be a consideration if you are adding natural stone.

Colors and Style

Not all countertop materials are a good match for all colors and styles of upgraded or remodeled kitchens. The exception to that statement is found in natural stone. With options to choose from marble, granite, or soapstone or to opt for the very low-maintenance quartz countertops, there is the right color, design, and style for any St. Paul, MN, home.


It is easy to look at the choice of countertop materials and compare the cost per square foot. However, not all countertops will last a lifetime, which may double or even triple the actual cost throughout your ownership of the home.

Natural stone is a more expensive material, but it will never have to be replaced unless you choose to do so in the future. These counters are an investment in your home, adding to the value of the house and increasing its resale potential should you ever decide to move.

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