Why Italians Insist on Keeping their Family Recipes for Pizza Crust Secret

by | May 29, 2020 | Restaurant

Most pizza lovers have their favorite pizza makers. Some claim that the best pizzas have a unique crust and fresh ingredients. Many pizza parlors use family recipes that have been handed down for generations. So, it is not unusual for a large number of Italians to insist on keeping their specific family recipes for pizza crust a secret.

It’s All in the Crust, According to Pizza Experts

Even if the pizza sauce is tasty and hot, a pizza is not considered perfect if the crust is less than satisfactory. Pizza crusts begin with a dough that pizza experts whip up and perfectly toss to just the right size and consistency. If this process is not done precisely, the crust could turn out too leathery or too soggy. The thickness of the crust is also a challenge to get right every time.

Are There Any Truly Healthy Pizzas Out There?

It is a myth that all pizzas are bad for your health. Traditionally, chefs in Italy made their pizzas by hand using fresh tomatoes and other items from their own gardens. It was common to see more fresh vegetables being used as toppings, and sometimes even in the crust itself. Americans are the ones who tend to think of pizza as a lot of bleached flour dough, topped with artificial or heavily processed cheeses and meat toppings.

There are Even Specialty Broccoli Crust Pizzas

Many people with gluten allergies opt for a pizza with a gluten-free broccoli crust. Contact Spinato’s Fine Foods Inc. for more information.

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