Why Duct Cleaning is Important

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Air Conditioning and Heating

HVAC systems have been designed in such a way that ducts are used to transfer the warm and cool air from the unit to the other areas of your home. Once the system of ducts has been installed, many home owners never give them another thought. There’s a chance this blasé attitude could turn into a mistake that nets some pretty serious consequences.

In a perfect world, duct cleaning would be a service home owners would never need because the HVAC unit would keep everything nice and clean, the forced air would prevent anything from developing in the ducts. HVAC experts know the truth. Most homes have a period of time when they don’t even have their unit turned on. This period of time when air isn’t getting forced throughout the entire home provides the perfect opportunity for all kinds of things, including pet hair, dandruff, and dust to build up in the air vents and ducts. When the HVAC unit does get turned on, the air forces all of the dust that’s gathered out into the air, creating copious amounts of indoor air pollution. It’s not uncommon for this indoor air pollution to lead to some severe health problems.

The average home owner doesn’t even realize just how dangerous the collection of dust and debris building up can be. Many air pollution experts feel that the average home has concentrations of air pollution that far exceeds the legal outdoor limit. In other words, the air inside your home can be dirtier than the air in big cities like New York City and Los Angeles. Even more alarming is the knowledge that you spend about 75% percent of your time breathing in this dirty air. Some people can breathe this indoor pollution and not experience any side effects at all, others aren’t as lucky. Indoor pollution can lead to respiratory problems, depleted immune system, headaches, and if mold has built up in your heating unit, even more serious health complications. If you have pets, their health could also be compromised by the air pollution, leading to an increase in your vet bills. Making arrangements for professional duct cleaning two or three times a year will significantly decrease the amount of indoor pollution you’re exposed to throughout the day.

Making arrangements for professional duct cleaning does more than just reduce the amount of indoor air pollution, it can also lower your energy bills. The more dust and debris that builds up, the harder the HVAC unit has to work to circulate the air through your house. Regular cleanings reduces wear and tear on your system.

It’s possible for you to handle the duct cleaning on your own, but by opting to have them cleaned professionally, you know the job gets done correctly, and the ducts will be inspected for leaks and signs of damage at the same time.

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