When You Sell at Auction in Waupaca, WI, You Want the Best Prices Possible

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Business

Attending an Auction in Waupaca, WI is fun! Everyone who attends one as a buyer has a competitive streak a mile wide. After all, everyone’s goal is to be the ultimate ‘winner’ and walk away that fabulous something at a giveaway price. Something happens when the bidding gets hot and heavy; people tend to lose sight of the top price they had in mind and become determined to beat out the other guy. Even very disciplined buyers can get caught up in the competitive bidding. The best auctions generate an electric atmosphere, especially when the well-advertised ‘signature’ items finally come up for auction.

That’s exactly what the seller is hoping for and counting on. A boring auction with few attendees is the worst thing that can happen to a seller. Sellers aren’t interested in going home with their stuff because the reserve price was never reached. Whether a seller frequently sells merchandise at auctions or this is a one-time event, there are expectations that should be met.

The seller needs to know, in writing, how much this will cost him. The auctioneer should be professional and have a successful track record. Advertising should be focused and reach the prospective buyers. Setup needs to be done to most effectively showcase the items for sale. Details such as arranging for food vendors should be taken care of.Buyers need to be registered quickly and efficiently. The auction should move alone briskly, keeping the buyers engaged. When items are sold, payment needs to be collected and recorded. When the Auction in Waupaca, WI has been concluded, the seller needs a preliminary statement of the proceeds and wants a final invoice and check in a few days.

Sterling Auction & Realty Services LLC can auction off just about anything: real estate, land, commercial, personal and farm property. They can sell an entire business or possibly buy it themselves. They hold benefit auctions, raising money for charities and other organizations. When Sterling runs an Auction in Waupaca WI (or anywhere else), he brings a lifetime of experience to the job. He’s been an auction buyer and seller and has directed a non-profit. He attained important marketing and customer service experience when he worked for the University of Wisconsin. His auction firm uses state-of-the-art computerized clerking to accurately handle financial and other details. Every Auction in Waupaca, WI will benefit from his experience and ‘get-it-done-right’ attitude.


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