Reasons to Hire a Heating Contractor in Phoenix

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating

The winter has hit, not without warning, but it has hit hard. You didn’t think about getting your heating unit inspected during the summer, or even when the summer ended, now you have woken up to a freezing cold house, because your heating unit is on the fritz. It’s time to call in the Heating Contractor Phoenix professionals like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc to fix the unit for you, and fix it right.

However, what if you are constantly having to have the unit repaired? What if it’s costing you more to fix than it would to replace it? Below you will find some hints that it’s time to replace your old heating unit, with a newer model. Of course, the Heating Contractor Phoenix professionals can offer you a professional opinion, based on their years of experience and their experience working with other units similar to yours.

If you have had your heating unit for more than 15 years, you should have it replaced right away. One serious reason to replace a heating unit that is over 15 years old is the fact that it is leaving a huge carbon footprint. If you buy a modern heating unit, you can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth dramatically; this alone is enough to spring for a new unit.

If you have noticed that your heating bills are getting higher every winter, then it may be due to the fact that your heating system is faulty. Get rid of the old unit, and get one that is energy-efficient and your heating bills should drop considerably.

If you find you are spending more money in the winter than it would take to replace the heating unit, then the Heating Contractor Phoenix professionals may recommend that you get a new one. They should be able to offer you several alternatives, explaining the benefits of each. The Heating Contractor Phoenix professionals can help you choose the best heating unit to meet your needs. You will reduce your carbon footprint, your electric bills should drop, and you definitely won’t have to get it repaired every other month. Go ahead and visit for more details!

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