When do You Need the Services of an Emergency Dentist in Stratford?

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Dentistry

There are many situations where you may need the services of an Emergency Dentist in Stratford. Injuries to the mouth may include teeth being knocked out, loosened or forced out of proper position. In addition to these injuries, you may have cuts occur on the cheeks, gums and lips. In many cases, these oral injuries will be extremely painful and necessitate that you seek the services of an Emergency Dentist, right away.

How Soon to Seek Treatment

When you suffer from any type of oral injury, you should seek treatment right away. In many cases, a mere 30 minutes can be the difference in saving a tooth or losing it completely. Visit their website

What to do for a Knocked Out Tooth

If you do have a tooth knocked out, there are certain things you should, and should not do, to try and save the tooth, which include:

Contact your Emergency Dentist in Stratford right away;

*  Hold the tooth only by the crown, not the actual root. If you touch the root of the tooth, it can damage the cells that are necessary to reattach it;

*  Rinse the tooth in water in order to remove any dirt, never scrub;

*  If it is possible, the tooth should be placed in the original socket to keep it moist;

*  Do not let the tooth become dried out;

*  If it is not possible to store in the mouth, place the tooth in milk or saliva.

What if Tissue is injured?

Injuries that can occur to the tissue of your mouth include puncture wounds, lacerations, and tears. If this occurs, you need to take action immediately to clean the area and get the injured person to an Emergency Dentist right away. This will ensure that the problem is handled properly and more problems do not occur.

It is important that you are always prepared for any type of oral emergency that may occur. This includes keeping the dentist’s phone number with you as well as gauze and ibuprofen on hand in case an injury does occur. If you are prepared, you may be able to save the tooth instead of losing it completely.


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