Rental Management: Intelligent Advertising for New Vacancies

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Real Estate

Tenant move-outs can often be stressful for landlords, as they generally lead to extensive marketing and advertising efforts on the owner’s part to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. Overseeing a tenant move-out out requires extensive knowledge of landlord and tenant codes and an eye for detail. Marketing and advertising a new vacancy typically requires time and can often be frustrating for property owners, especially if they are experiencing difficulty with finding a suitable tenant. If you purchased your current investment solely with the intent of making a profit and would prefer to avoid completing tasks such as supervising move-outs or marketing vacancies, you can free up your schedule by hiring rental management. Spokane companies employ talented professionals who are familiar with completing various managerial tasks, such as overseeing move-outs, conducting inspections, and advertising vacancies.

Post-Occupancy Inspections & Upgrades
After a tenant moves out, a property manager immediately completes a walkthrough inspection of the property to check for any damages that occurred during the individual’s residence. They will write up a report of their findings along with the estimated cost of repairs. Afterward, they will deduct the estimated costs from the security deposit paid by the tenant upon moving in and send the remaining balance to the previous renter. An agent will put the deducted funds toward making the home or apartment unit market-ready. They will enlist qualified professionals to complete sanitations, make upgrades, and perform the necessary repairs. Once the living space has been thoroughly cleaned and upgraded, the property manager will immediately begin to market and advertise the new vacancy.

Broadcasting Openings
Rental management companies typically specialize in marketing, and many have their own tried and tested advertising plans their employees follow to garner the best results for their clients. When you work with a management company in an effort to market a vacancy on your property, you can expect consistency and diligence. Your manager will broadcast any open living spaces to as many interested individuals as possible. Casting a broad net in search of prospective tenants also improves the chances that you will find a tenant whose background, credit, employment, and income information meet your criteria for residency.

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