What You Should Know About Craft Beer Breweries in Goleta, CA


Most beer drinkers are familiar with the top names in breweries that are known as microbreweries, meaning that the companies produce large volumes of beer each year. Craft beer is a relatively new market space, but it is the most traditional technique for making beer. Here is what you should know about craft beer in Goleta, CA.

What is Craft Beer?
In the most basic sense, craft beer is small volume production, but the beers also have distinctive characteristics. Brewmasters have the opportunity to create unique beer flavors using some common and unusual ingredients, such as barley, hops, wheat, water, fruits, hemp, and spices.

What are the Different Types of Craft Beers?
With the flexibility of craft beer making, new types of the beverage are emerging all the time, but there are some tried and true craft beers, such as American pale ales, American India pale ales, porters, stouts, amber ales, brown ales, red ales, hefeweizens (a dark wheat beer), Belgian pales, and blonde ales.

Why Try Craft Beers?
Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just starting to explore beer, craft beers in Goleta, CA offer a unique journey into the many flavors and characteristics of beer. The brewmaster and person serving the beer will explain each flavor and help you distinguish the ingredients that were used for the brewing process.

Where to Find Craft Beer in Goleta, CA
Business Name offer a rotation of 20 craft beers on tap and four varieties of wine. You can also shop their selection of international craft beers in their shop. Call them to find out what is on tap or go by their location.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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