What You Need to Know about Having a Dental Extraction


Although you certainly consider Extractions in Lakeview to be a final measure, these dental procedures do occasionally become necessary. For example, if you do not have room in your mouth for your wisdom teeth, two or all four of them may need to be pulled. A tooth that is very diseased and that can no longer be properly treated may also require this extreme treatment. If your dentist has recommended this for you, you will want to know a little about what you should expect before you head in for your procedure.

You may have a simple extraction or a surgical extraction depending on the nature of the tooth. A simple extraction comes with the fewest possible side effects and is good for teeth that are easy to reach, that are not impacted and that appear to be easy to pull. During this procedure, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic so that all you will feel is the pressure of the tooth being pulled.

With a surgical extraction, you will have increased anesthesia, such as IV sedation, so that you are lightly asleep throughout the process. If your dentist believes that the procedure will be particularly difficult, he may opt for general anesthesia. You will also still have local anesthesia to control pain. If your tooth is impacted, your dentist may need to make a small incision in your gums to loosen the tooth. After your tooth extraction, you may need to plan to take a day or two to rest depending on how in-depth the procedure was.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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