What Type of Water Damage in Indianapolis is Common?


Water damage is common in Indianapolis. Damage can be caused by natural causes like severe rain storms or by plumbing issues in a home. While the damages may be minor or severe, it is always important to repair any damage before it can create even more serious issues. Many companies provide services to resolve water damage issues, but not all companies are capable of dealing with all aspects of the repairs.

When water damage occurs, there are obvious repairs that everyone sees immediately. For example, when a plumbing pipe bursts, carpeting or other floor-coverings are commonly damaged. Wallboard or plaster may also be damaged, as well as trim elements. However, other damage is not as easily seen. A water damage restoration professional will also check for other items that may have been compromised by water. Electrical wiring, for example, may need repair. All wood components must be checked for damage and replaces as needed. Water damage from roof leaks are also quite common, and may require roof repairs in addition to interior repairs. While these types of damage are the most common, they are not the only ones found in Indianapolis.

Water Damage Indianapolis contractors should also be checking for existing mold or for conditions that could lead to a buildup of mold later. Moisture is the cause of mold, and water often seeps into places that are not readily visible, but could harbor mold. That moisture can cause additional structural damage or health issues for residents. Restoration professionals will check for potential moisture and mold issues.

Because the very nature of water damage makes providing an exact repair estimate difficult before the restoration process begins, there may be some surprises. However, most restoration professionals can provide a basic estimate before any work is started and explain to the client the possible things that could happen if unexpected repairs are required. Insurance carriers are familiar with the issues, and are generally willing to work with restoration services to make sure that all repairs are properly completed.

As with any other services, it is recommended that references be requested from the restoration contractor prior to any contracts being signed. Since potential health issues are involved, it is always a good idea to also verify that the company’s business license and insurance information is supplied.

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