Return to a New Life, Free of Lasting Smoke Damage Effects in the Albany, New York, Area


Serious personal property damage or loss from fire or smoke is a major event and one that requires an involved recovery process. Trying to maintain a reasonably normal life and work schedule while also dealing with insurance claims and clean-up can make life stressful. However, an experienced team of smoke-damage restoration professionals can provide support by producing fantastic results and helping to create a new start.

Effects of Smoke Damage

After a fire in an Albany home, one of the most lasting effects is smoke damage. Smoke tends to permeate its surroundings and persist. Soot and smoke can settle into air ducts, affecting the use of HVAC systems.Soot and ash can permanently discolor ceilings and walls in just a few days and can even lead to metal corrosion. Often, particulates are small enough to lodge into skin, eyes, and lungs, which can lead to serious health problems. Because house fires are intense, smoke can leave an unpleasant smell for years, reducing a home’s value.

Remedying Smoke Effects

Smoke damage restoration is an intensive project that goes beyond wall scrubbing, new carpets and airing out rooms. Particles of smoke and soot can collect in cracks and nooks that may be difficult to find or get to. The only real solution is to call a smoke damage restoration service in Albany.

Live Free of Smoke Effects

A trained and qualified smoke damage restoration service in Albany, Glens Falls, Catskill, Amsterdam and the surrounding areas can eliminate the lasting effects of smoke damage, and speed up a return to healthy living. Professional Fire Restoration in Albany, New York, is available 24/7.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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