What to Say to Your Children to Ease Their Fears of the Dentist


Having a fear of the dentist is something that is quite common among children and even adults. However, unlike adults, children might not always be able to understand how the benefits of going to the dentist can outweigh the anxiety. Before you search for a dentist near me in Naperville, here are some tips for talking with your child about their upcoming dental visit.

Make It Sound Fun

Whenever you are mentioning the dentist, try to speak in a tone that is light and playful as if you all were going to someplace fun like an amusement park. Your energy will be picked up by your child and, in most cases, reciprocated. This is especially helpful whenever you are speaking of the dentist for the first time as it can help to set the tone for the child and make a good first impression.

Explain Why

Some parents make the mistake of just telling their children what needs to be done, and not really explaining to them the importance of why. You’d be surprised how differently a child can react to having to do something when they are able to understand the reasoning behind it, and why it is important.

When you go online and search dentists near me in Naperville, make sure they are also child-friendly. If your child is already anxious about seeing the dentist, being able to go to a clinic that caters to children with its atmosphere as well as manner can help ease their fears tremendously.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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