What Is CPA Online Advertising?


One of the advertising methods you may hear about is called cost per action advertising, or CPA online advertising. Though a bit complex, it is important for mobile app advertising and should be considered a key component in the marketing process. Is this the right method for you?

How Does It Work?

CPA online advertising is a type of advertising in which you pay the host a fee – set ahead of time – for a specific type of action. It may be based, for example, on mobile app downloads. If you are seeking leads, it may be based on a set amount. For sales of a product or service, it may be set as a percentage of the sale amount. This method of advertising is also sometimes called cost per acquisition.

How Does It Benefit You?

There are a range of different opportunities available to you in this method of advertising. It usually has far less risk for you, as the advertiser, because you are not paying for clicks that do not result in the desired outcome. You only really pay when you are able to see an install has happened, or a sale occurs. As a result of this, it also works very well to reduce the amount of click fraud you end up facing. That saves you money in most cases.

You are only paying for this type of ad when you have someone taking action. That means the possibility of profit or reaching your specific goal is much higher. For many advertisers, this is critical.

The CPA online advertising model is a valuable one. It can help you to generate sales and help you to ensure you are getting leads, installs, or other specific goals on a more consistent basis. It also ensures your time is being spent wisely as are your dollars.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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