What To Expect During a Visit To The Dentist in Whippany


Most people dread that annual or semi-annual visit to the dentist. Anxiety is high and the patient has no clue what to expect. If this is the first visit to the Dentist Whippany, you my want to read more to see what you might expect from the first visit. In general, there are several types of visits to the dentist.

Teeth Cleaning And Exam

The first visit to the dentist usually entails a visit with the dental hygienist to get a goo teeth cleaning and inspection. The dental hygienist will clean and polish the teeth. She can also do diagnostic x rays to keep in the patient’s record for future reference. The dentist will come in and do a quick inspection of the teeth to determine if more needs to be done. Problems that may need to be corrected are cavities, lose teeth, fillings that are lost, etc. If the General Dentist determines that more work needs to be done, they will schedule a follow up visit of the patient.

Dental Exam

When the patient arrives for a dental exam, they will be seated in the dentist chair for a thorough tooth inspection, as well as repairing any issues discovered from the tooth cleaning visit. The Dentist Whippany will give a general anesthesia if needed to numb the patient’s mouth in order to do any fillings or intensive drilling. This is also done if a tooth extraction is required.

Followup Visits

Follow up visits may be required depending on the extent of the work. A root canal generally requires several visits in order for the dentist to get the job completely taken care of. The Dentist Whippany will also follow up on any other dental issues that may have been seen upon a general dental exam.

Visiting the dentist on a regular basis can help prevent quite a few health problems. When there are problems in the oral cavity, there are generally going to be some type of sinus or other health issues. Gum disease can cause quite a few health issues. Gum disease can cause bleeding gums, tooth failure resulting in possible removal. Keeping a healthy mouth will keep a person smiling.

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