Importance of Graphic Design Company Fort Lauderdale Fl

by | May 10, 2013 | Business

Graphic design is the art of taking a concept or idea and creating a way to visually communicate said concept or idea. Graphic design is used in many ways when it comes to building a business. It applies not only to formal advertising like print ads for newspapers or magazines, or media advertising like websites and social media, but it also applies to the basics of the business like the logo and basic branding. Everything down to the font and colors used for a logo is somehow connected to the graphic designer, or Graphic Design Company Fort Lauderdale Fl to which the company delegates graphic design elements of their business.

Graphic design is present at the foundation of any business with the creation of a logo and branding of the company. The colors, fonts, images, and layout of such items sets the tone for the lifespan of the business. The logo can be referred to the most important or valuable piece of branding material to any given company. The logo for a company goes on everything, business cards, websites, printed informational materials, commercials, the logo of the company is present in them all. Essentially, the logo creates the visual representation of the brand which is essential for branding. Branding is the process in which a company, through use of logos, websites, printed materials, slogans, and much more, creates a memorable experience for their target audience and the public at large. Effective branding will result in a recognizable logo or other element that the consumer will associate with the company. For example, if someone were to see a large rounded yellow letter “M”, the association will typically be with McDonald’s. Another example is, if the words, “Taste the rainbow” are heard, the association is typically to the candy Skittles. It is the responsibility of the graphic designer to not only create such memorable images, but also to ensure that those memorable images or slogans are on every piece of printed material, and seen in every commercial created in order to create effective branding. Without effective logos and branding a company may struggle to be successful among the masses.

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