What Makes Wholesale Custom Mugs An Amazing Promotional Tool?

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Shopping

For a long time, well known brands have used wholesale custom mugs to create more awareness. Individual also invest in custom mugs to give their friends and family members a treasured item that reminds them of a special occasion. Why is it that custom mugs are preferred by many businesses compared to other promotional items like pens, brochures and t-shirts? There are a number of reasons that can try and justify this widespread use of custom mugs for advertising.

First of all, a standard custom mug is quite sizeable meaning that you have more space to print information about your brand. You can print your logo, slogan and contact information on the custom mugs and they will all be visible because the space is adequate. You cannot compare this to an item like a pen which is rather small.

Additionally, Wholesale Custom Mugs are used by everybody. All over the world, people love taking their cup of tea or coffee on a mug. If you invest in a product that is in use every day, your brand has a high chance of getting daily name recognition.

These custom mugs are also cheaper than many other promotional items. You can get high quality customized mugs at very low rates. You will be able to produce more mugs and reach out to a larger audience because these items are lowly priced. There are also a variety of cost effective printing methods which can be used to place your company data on the mugs.

Most importantly, major brands prefer advertising using custom mugs because they create awareness for a long time. If you compare custom mugs to another advertising tool like a brochure, you’ll find that they will offer you more advertising for a long period. It is unlikely for someone to throw away a mug that is in good shape.

Custom mugs are an amazing promotional tool mainly because they are practical and usable. You may give out a bag and the recipient doesn’t like its look and chooses to discard it immediately. However, a mug that is properly designed and made using a high quality material is likely to be used every day by the recipient. Take advantage of this and invest in wholesale custom mugs to advertise your brand. You will invest less on production and design and still enjoy amazing returns within a short period of time.


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