What makes a successful entrepreneur?

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Business

Big money and the urge to start a business do not make an entrepreneur. It is the right attitude and aggressive drive to succeed in business that makes a successful entrepreneur. Research shows that most of the successful entrepreneurs possess several common personal qualities and have similar way of thinking that rewards them with big success. They possess an inner drive like ambitious Richard Branson, to grow and succeed in their business, rather than acquiring technical knowledge or getting Harvard University’s graduation certificate.

They are made of altogether a different stuff. Following key qualities pave their way to a highly successful entrepreneurship.

Inner aggressive drive for achieving success:

Entrepreneurs are driven by their inner urge to expand and succeed in the business. They dream big and nurture big ambitions. They are not content with small goals; they set massive goals and stay committed to face any challenges in the way of achieving them.

Strong self belief:

The word ‘failure’ does not exist in the dictionary of successful entrepreneurs. They believe strongly in themselves. They possess assertive personality, are focussed and determined to achieve set goals and believe fully in their abilities. Others, some time, perceive them as over optimistic or arrogant in their approach, but successful entrepreneurs are least diverted in their endeavour by such un-constructive criticism or wrong perceptions of people.

Passion for innovation and new ideas:

Innovation and new path breaking ideas are the passion of successful entrepreneurs. They believe in continuous improvements. They always look for creativity and innovation in whatever they plan to do for their business.

Openness to change:

For successful entrepreneurs change is the only constant. For them keeping their industry on top is the prime goal and to achieve this they are always ready to evolve and change their strategies and ways. They keep their business up to date with emerging technologies and service techniques.

High energy and high motivation:

Successful entrepreneurs never rest; they are highly energetic and continuously striving for excellence. They always have abundance of self motivation.

Urge to be competitive:

Successful entrepreneurs consider their competitors not as rivals but as sources for setting minimum benchmarks and set self imposed high standards for their business. They always thrive to be better than the best.

Attitude of Welcoming Constructive Criticism:

Successful entrepreneurs, in their pursuit of innovation, always come across people who are gifted with ‘can not be done’ paradigm. But they never hesitate in readjusting their approach if they get convinced that constructive criticism is really useful for achievement of their goal. If not convinced they reject criticism in most respectful manner.

Successful entrepreneurs take risks and are always prepared to learn from failures. They can not be bogged down by failures. They are visionary and their vision is always closest to their hearts.

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