What Does Medical Malpractice Consist of and Do You Qualify for It?


The brief explanation of medical malpractice is when a medical provider takes an action that isn’t in the best interest of his or her patient. It can also occur when a medical practitioner fails to take any action that’s in a patient’s best interest. The following are three incidents that may qualify someone for medical malpractice in Mokena:


A misdiagnosis of an illness is a reason to see a lawyer about medical malpractice in Mokena. Such misdiagnosis can lead to a greater illness, and it can also lead to death in some cases. Therefore, you should contact an attorney if someone misdiagnoses you or someone you love.

Misplaced Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments are supposed to be sterilized and moved out of the way once the practitioner uses them. In some situations, a surgeon may mistakenly leave something inside of a patient, and that can cause the patient to develop an infection. This incident can qualify for medical malpractice, and you should speak to someone about it as soon as possible.

Improper Medical Administration

Many patients have allergies to certain medications. You could be eligible to receive compensation if you were given the wrong medication in a hospital and had an adverse reaction.

The first step toward getting help is to contact a lawyer who can evaluate your case. You may find that you are eligible for affordable representation if your case is viable.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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