What Colocation in Seattle can Offer Your Business


It’s no surprise that in today’s business world, the importance of a properly functioning website is paramount. For many businesses, websites can be used for informing existing or potential customers. Websites can also be used as an appendage of revenue production and for some, they are the only point of sales a business has. Regardless of the uses, it’s vital that the website and its functions are protected so that there is no extended period of downtime for the server. That’s why Colocation Seattle is such an appealing prospect for many Seattle businesses.

Colocation refers to a process where your business server, typically the server used for Internet and website purposes is stored in a remote location. These remote locations are secure facilities that include fortified structures, climate control, advanced fire suppression systems, back up power and round-the-clock monitoring of your servers physical well-being and its technical operations. However, is storing your server in an off-site location something you should consider?

While storing your server in-house may seem like the best route to go, it’s unlikely that there is any place within your business that is been especially designed to protect your business server. Your business may have fire suppression methods and your facility may have air conditioning and heating, but it’s unlikely that those systems were specifically dedicated to benefit your web server only.

If your server experiences technical difficulties that require attention and repair, you may not be prepared to carry out those repairs and fixes immediately. If your server were to experience difficulties during off business hours, for example, you could stand the risk of your website being down for an extended period of time. With colocation, since your server is monitored around the clock, should your server experience technical difficulties, expertly trained colocation Seattle technicians will immediately begin work to to have your server up and running as soon as possible.

If you want to protect your server and ensure that your business website is up and running at all times of the day and night, a company like ISOMEDIA may be able to help. With colocation services that offer your web server a safe location to reside in, you can rest assured that the physical safety and the operational aspects of your server are being professionally attended to constantly.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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