What Are the Top Three Bathroom Remodels in Chicago: 2021 Trends

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Home Improvement

People want to remodel their bathroom for a variety of reasons. Maybe you need more utility or greater ventilation. Perhaps you want to increase the value of your home, or maybe you want a room that is more comfortable for bath time. Whatever your reason for wanting a renovation, consider these top Chicago bathroom remodeling trends.

Bathroom Remodels in Chicago: 2021 Trends Featuring Spas

One of the most popular trends in Chicago bathroom remodeling features the inclusion of a spa luxury bathroom. If you want a bathroom that is not only functional but also a place to relax at the end of a long day, a spa bathroom can be the place to include candle stands and upgraded shower heads, and larger bathtubs.

Calming Colors Bathroom Remodel Trends

The color green is a major bathroom remodeling trend right now. The overall trend in remodels tends towards pastel shades that provide a softer and calmer effect in your bathroom. If you’d rather express your bold individualism, splashes of dark green can give your bathroom remodel your own personality.

Technology Incorporation in Remodel Trends

Smart toilets, interactive LED mirrors, and privacy glass are just a few of the leading technology trends in bathroom remodels. Other popular technological innovations include smart showers and floors that automatically heat themselves.

Open Shower Design Remodel Trends

Older bathrooms tend to have shower storage compartments within the shower itself. But these areas can foster the growth of bacteria and are generally trouble to clean. Large, open spaces in your shower allows for better draining, drying, and cleaning.

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