Various Facts About Sewer Camera Inspection in Maui

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Business

In the past when you had a blockage in your sewer line the company fixing the blockage would have to dig long trenches in order to locate the block. Modern advances have provided the plumbing industry with cameras that can be fed into the line to find the exact point of the blockage. This saves the company time and saves you money in labor cost. The following is a list of various facts about sewer camera inspection in Maui.

What Is Sewer Camera Inspection?

This process is usually performed by a plumbing professional and involves running a video line down the branch lines of your sewer system. On the end of the camera line is a bright LED light, which can illuminate any blockage or other problems that may be hiding in your sewer system. By having this process performed, you can catch other problems before they become plumbing disasters that cost you a lot of money.

Professional Service Only

There are many at home sewer camera systems that can be purchased at home improvement stores. However, most of the at home kits have an inspection scope that is inadequate in length and will not be effective in finding issues in your branch lines. Many of the professional scopes have an auto focusing and self-brightening feature, which makes it much easier to make out what you are seeing in your sewer system. The over the counter camera systems are a nice novelty item, but it takes a professional to do the job adequately and properly. The professional camera also comes equipped with tracking devices that allow the plumber to pinpoint the location of your blockage. Generally, buying your own sewer camera will be a waste of money and time.

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