Preparing Your Home For Winter With the Help of a Plumber in Westchester County

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Plumbing

The winters can get extremely cold in Westchester County which makes this season an incredibly busy time for local plumbing companies. Unprotected pipes can quickly crack or burst under the pressure of freezing water and even when they don’t break the stress from expansion weakens them. This is one reason why wintertime plumbing disasters are so unpredictable. Another could be the type of plumbing used in the home. For example, PVC pipe is easy to use and handles a wide range of temperature extremes, but once it ages it can get brittle in frigid cold making it susceptible to cracking. In most cases it is an easy task for a professional plumber in Westchester County to prepare your home for the winter cold and this preparation entails much more than insulating the external pipes.

Another winter preparation where a Plumber in Westchester County can be very useful is the testing and cleaning of your water heating system. In some homes the water heater is external to the building and in others it may be in an open cellar. Anywhere the tank is installed that could expose it to cold weather leaves it more susceptible to an extreme loss in efficiency. Protecting the water pipes is only part of the problem, at least for gas burning hot water systems. Fuel lines that are exposed to freezing temperatures can be easily damaged causing a dangerous gas leak around the home.

Running the water during extremely cold nights is not the best way to protect your pipes from freezing. In fact, the best way is to turn off the water at the main connection and drain the internal lines. Once they are drained you should leave the taps open just as a safety precaution. It is also a good idea to have your favorite Plumber in Westchester County check the main water connection to ensure it functions freely and is ready to be used when you need it. Learning how to handle your plumbing during harsh weather conditions is the first step in preparing your home for disaster. To help their customers protect themselves better many consumer friendly companies like Cassidy Plumbing provide informative websites such as

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