Uses for Mulch Made of Bark in Portland Oregon

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Home & Garden

When doing some basic landscaping around home, there’s a wide variety of materials to use. Sometimes the tried-and-true materials are the best choice. For instance, mulch made of Bark Portland Oregon area looks good around trees, shrubs and around flower beds. Plus, it is good for the soil because it provides a home for beneficial earthworms and soil bacteria. These help to prevent the soil from becoming compacted, which is good because aeration is needed to provide better water absorption and drainage.

Mulching with bark also reduces the need for water by half in some cases for shrubs and perennials. Bark mulch reduces water evaporation, so this quality makes its use invaluable in times of water restriction. Plants are more likely to stay green and to survive which makes bark mulching worth its cost.

While mulch made of Bark Portland Oregon area is good for topical application around plants, it should not be incorporated into the soil or used in any application in which the ground is prepared annually for a seedbed. This is because the material can negatively affect necessary nitrogen fixation. Plants grown in such an environment will have difficulty in completing photosynthesis to make food and will starve.

When deciding to use wood bark mulch/chips, many options are available. Plain wood chips rot faster than bark, and enrich the soil. The bark chips are good for more decorative applications in which one doesn’t want to have to replace it very often. It comes in a variety of natural colors, or it can be painted to match existing colors around the home or landscape.

Cedar wood is a popular choice, but its use as small chips around young plants should be limited. Larger bark pieces don’t leach as much of the natural chemical that is toxic to newer plants. Also, much of what is called “cedar” is actually juniper or arborvitae, not the true cedar. These are not toxic to younger plants. The red hue is attractive and adds a warm aura to the area. Plus, it offers all of the advantages of the mulching process. Mulch is relatively inexpensive compared to how it increases curb appeal for homes and helps plants to remain healthy.

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