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Access Control Systems or Access Control Security Systems is an interesting term which many security firms and most modern institutions like to use to describe traffic control whether it is to specific areas or simply to monitor the premises. Technically speaking, access control is the restriction or limitation of access by people to another place, item or resource and the permission required to access that resource is generally termed ‘authorization’. Early access control usually meant the use of a security guard, bouncer or other person or persons who restricted that access. This was usually done by threat of legal entanglements or imminent physical danger. More modern approaches use better controlled, computer enhanced, mechanical systems for restricting physical access. Simple access controls include devices such as electronic locking systems where the key can vary from combinations to fingerprint or eye retina scans up to card activated systems which only allow physical access by the people carrying qualified access card keys.

For many circumstances, access control is not enough. In these cases, Access Control Security Systems involve monitoring along with limiting access to the place or resource that requires protection. Monitoring typically includes tying the customers network and integrated security systems together allowing these businesses control of specific areas as they may require. The keys used can range from security badges to custom card readers. One large benefit to this method is record keeping. Documetation and records allow you and your security department to know exactly who had access to which area and when.

Another large aspect of access control is monitoring. Video surveillance systems and three dimensional mapping allow your security teams to better maintain complete control over who really is moving around your premises. When you companies maintains a large employee base your security teams need every tool they can get to help them keep those restricted areas restricted. Your video systems are only as good as the equipment they are made from. Your security installation and maintenance provider should ensure that you are equipped with only the best and part of that package should include the maintenance of your equipment.

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