Unsightly Driveway? Hire a Driveway Paving Contractor in East Lyme, CT


Homeowners have many choices when it comes to Driveway paving in East Lyme, CT. They can choose to be more natural and have gravel or dirt driveways. However, they will have to deal with the ruts and dust that they create. Concrete works well but it is very expensive. People often opt for asphalt because it is less expensive and is still attractive and low-maintenance.

Installing an asphalt driveway is a fast process, but it is just like creating a small road beside their home. Therefore it is important to hire a licensed Driveway paving in East Lyme, CT contractor. The driveway area will be excavated to the appropriate depth from about four to six inches. Gravel will be placed in the area to ensure proper drainage. Good drainage prevents frost heaves during the winter. A rough base course is paved over this area. Once it is dry the final layers of asphalt are applied. The contractor will determine how many are needed.

Once the asphalt is set, the homeowner should have the Driveway paving in East Lyme, CT contractor apply a sealant. This protects the pavement from sun damage and drying out. Proper maintenance can double the life-expectancy of the driveway and ensure that the warranty is in good standing. At least every two years the contractor should inspect the driveway. If they or the homeowner notice any cracks forming a hot filler can be used to fill the cracks. This prevents rain and snow from entering the crack and penetrating the bottom layers. If the cracks aren’t filled, then the moisture can cause the asphalt to deteriorate. Not only is this unsightly, it could create potholes and heaves that people can catch their footing in. Homeowners are risking a lawsuit if someone is injured walking on their driveway.

It’s easy to remove snow from an asphalt driveway. This is an important feature in the northeastern United States. While decorative features can be included in Driveway paving in East Lyme, CT, the contractors are always careful not to interfere with snow removal. With the proper design and maintenance, homeowners can enjoy their asphalt driveway for decades.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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