Denied Disability Benefits? Call a SSD Attorney in Richmond

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Law Services

People who are disabled are sick and weak, so they may have trouble successfully applying for Social Security disability benefits. In the United States this is the only program that helps support people who are too sick to support themselves. Even though people have often paid into this system for decades, the Social Security Administration makes it very difficult to get these benefits. Hiring an SSD Attorney Richmond law practice will make it much easier for a person to be approved.

Social Security rules narrowly define a disability and have precise ways of measuring the extent of a disability. It is not necessarily the same way that a doctor might determine if their patient is disabled. Therefore the person applying for disability benefits has to understand what the Social Security staff is looking for. A SSD Attorney Richmond practice that has been through the process many times knows how to answer the questions fully and accurately. Leaving out any details could result in a denied application.

Some people believe that they can answer the questions without the expense of an attorney. To their dismay they are denied benefits. Of course they panic and feel desperate. It’s still not too late to hire a SSD Attorney Richmond law firm for help. There are several possible appeals where the sick person will have a chance to prove that they are disabled. However, there are strict deadlines that they have to meet. They should contact a lawyer as soon as their initial claim is denied.

Their SSD Attorney Richmond representative will need as much time as possible to prepare for the appeal. He will review the initial application and the reasons for denial. He’ll then determine how best to put forth the sick or injured person’s case. An administrative judge will run the hearing. A representative from the Social Security Administration will also be present to explain the denial. In addition to the lawyer and applicant, they can also call medical witnesses to support the disability claim. The lawyer will organize all of this. A disabled person can Visit website and learn how an attorney can help them.

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