Understanding Scandinavian Design Before Shopping in Scandinavian Stores in Minnesota

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Furniture

Scandinavian style is very simple, focusing on usefulness and beauty. It’s simple and clean but also warm and inspired by nature. That being said, it’s the perfect style for people who want to feel like their home is always welcoming them and making their life easy. Don’t worry if this sounds like your ideal home setting but you’re unsure how to make it happen. Here are some things to understand before shopping in Scandinavian stores in Minnesota.

Improves Daily Living

The goal of Scandinavian design is to make life better. It gets dark in the Nordic countries in the winter, so lighting is very important. There isn’t flooring all the way to the ceiling. Instead, it has white or natural hardwood floors that make the room look bigger. The furniture is useful because it can be used as storage, and there are no window covers or only sheer ones to let as much light in as possible.

Not Sterile

Some people think minimalism is cold and stark, but Scandinavian design uses textiles to make things feel warm instead of adding many decorative items. You need soft fabrics such as fur, wool, and mohair in cold places. They keep the look simple but interesting to look at. A reputable Scandinavian shop in Minnesota will tell you that the reason behind it is that anything added should be useful.

It’s Minimal

It is different from minimalism, modernism, and current decor in some ways, as you will see when shopping at Scandinavian stores in Minnesota. But at its most basic level, Scandinavian design is very simple and makes things work well. Not a lot of stuff is lying around. It is made from natural materials and was designed with democracy in mind.

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