Professional Monitor Arms Make it Easier to Mount Displays Comfortably

by | Apr 17, 2024 | Furniture

Due to the fact that there are several widely used standards when it comes to mounting equipment, it’s easier to get high-quality monitor arms now than ever. Older types of tube-based monitors were often difficult to mount in any fashion that was easy to work with. That meant that people would often have to crane their neck when looking at one.

Flat screens took over the industry decades ago, but it’s still been common to mount them in a way that doesn’t make it easy to complete certain tasks. Over a long period of time, the fact that someone is looking down puts an incredible amount of stress on their spine. Computer professionals and chiropractors alike have taken to calling this tech neck.

Standards sheets have defined the exact placement of holes on the back of a monitor so that they can attach to hardware provided by a wide variety of vendors. In doing so, customers can be certain that they have a piece of equipment that suits their ergonomic needs without getting locked into one provider’s solutions. Information technology companies have long relied on a number of tricks to keep people from doing business with other firms.

These standards make it easy to mix and max existing hardware, thus helping to reduce the cost of rolling out ergonomic solutions that are safer to work with. That’s especially good news for smaller businesses that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the transition. Check out a full catalog of ergonomic monitor arms by visiting BodyBilt online at their site.

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