Try water inflatables for a memorable vacation


Water inflatables offer anyone a memorable vacation. Let’s face it, even the best planned vacations can sometimes end up being a bit of a bore. There are only so many things you can do while lounging poolside at a resort. Instead of spending your vacation time lazing about by the pool, why not get in on all the action provided by water inflatables? WOW Sports LLC makes a great line of inflatables that are available to purchase online. By exploring the different options available, you can decide whether or not water inflatables are right for you.

Dragon Boat Inflatables

When you go out into the water, you don’t just want to make a ripple, you want to make a splash! That is exactly what you will be doing on the dragon boat. This is one of the most unique and innovative water inflatables that provides hours of fun on the water. It can seat up to 3 people and is one of the most exhilarating water toys you will ever have the pleasure of using. Imagine paddling the water on a dragon surrounded by two of your closest friends with absolutely no care in the world. The sun is streaming golden rays and glinting them off the water around you. The moment is preserved in your memory forever as you soak it all in on one of the most exciting water inflatables available anywhere.

Big Bazooka Water Inflatables

You will have an experience like no other when you ride aboard the Big Bazooka. Find out what all the fuss is about in your very own watercraft. The Big Bazooka can hold between 1 and 4 people and provides the option of steering if you prefer. The Big Bazooka is a towable that can be ridden behind a jet ski or your family boat. This is the type of experience you can have when you choose amongst the available water inflatables that you want to enjoy.

WOW Water Walkway

If laying around is just really more your thing, then this type of inflatable from WOW Sports LLC is sure to meet your needs. Lounge on the water with 2 or 3 friends on your very own, super sized water walkway. You can read, lay about, sip a beverage, or simply enjoy great conversation among friends. Whatever you choose, this is one of the most popular options for any vacation.

Don’t miss out on all the fun, choose the water inflatables you are searching for and get out to the water for hours of fun and enjoyment.

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