Five Things to Consider when designing your Pool Area

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Swimming Pool Contractor

If you are installing a pool or making changes to your current pool there are a few things to keep in mind so that you have a cohesive outdoor space you will enjoy completely. Here are five things to consider when designing your pool area:

1. Pool Liners: The Pool Liners Long Island use come in many different designs. You want to choose something that will suit the over all look you are trying to achieve. If you are going to have a more whimsical theme to your pool area then it might be fun to consider designs such as a tropical fish or a pebble beach. If you have a more elegant area then look for some of the simplistic mosaic tile designs. You can also opt for one of the liners that will add an interesting texture or deepen the color of your pool water.

2. Pool Surround: The area around your pool should be a non-slip surface. There are many treatments that can be added to concrete surfaces that will not only improve the wear and tear of the concrete, but also add to the look of your pool while keeping people safe from falls. There are also a number of patio stone choices to consider including natural stone or fabricated. You want to avoid anything that has too much sand or dirt between the pavers as this will end up in your pool.

3. Plant Life: Truly beautiful pools tend to have lovely plant life included in the design. Consider having planters built around the pool or for a budget friendly choice look at adding your own planters or containers. You can create an oasis using tropical plants or use flowers for whimsy and ivies or topiaries for a sophisticated look.

4. Seating: You will want to have ample seating that is of course made for outdoor use and water proof. An assortment of loungers and a chair and tables works well and style but space will dictate what you need.

5. Water Feature: Pools always look fabulous when they include a water feature. From waterfalls to slides, water features add interest, charm and fun.

Keeping these things in mind will help you create a truly beautiful space from the pool liners Long Island pools need to the seating for people to relax.

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