Tree Cutting: Need And Advantages


Tree cutting is an important method involved in their maintenance, especially in an urban environment. It is also referred to as pruning, trimming or even surgery. The process involves removing diseased or dead wood or branches. There are various reasons that demand pruning of these huge plants. Some of the most common reasons, why people prune their trees include safety of the property, increasing the health and vigor of the tree, and for making it look better too. This process also helps in the stimulation of the production of fruits as well as the timber value.

Below are some of the points that require one to carry out pruning:

  • Pruning needs to be done for the safety of the property the tree is in, and for the people residing around. The branches that can fall and cause damage to the surrounding or injure people around should be removed. Some time, some of the branches may also interfere with the field of vision on driveways or streets. Some may even grow into transmission or utility lines. These branches should be trimmed or removed, as required, for safety purposes.

  • Trimming is also necessary for keeping the tree healthy. The branches or parts of the wood that are diseased or infested by insects should be removed to save the remaining parts from being diseased. The crown of the tree can also be thinned to allow proper airflow. This helps to reduce pest problems to a great extent. Branches that cross each other or rub against each other should also be removed. Damaged or broken limbs should be trimmed for wound closure. Pruning of trees encourages development of a strong tree structure and also reduces the chances of damages to the tree in case of severe weather conditions.

  • Pruning also involves aesthetic purposes. This process enhances the natural character and form of the trees. It also helps to stimulate the production of flowers. Trees that are open grown and do minimal self pruning benefit most from trimming or cutting done for form.

However, it is important that professional service providers are hired for such tasks. They are able to carry out the task precisely, without causing any damage to the surroundings as they have vast knowledge of the various techniques of tree cutting in Darien CT.

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