How To Remove A Tree


If you have a large tree on your property which has to be removed for one reason or another, deciding if you should take the tree down or contract with a tree removal Athens company is a decision that must not be taken lightly. Removing a tree, where it has died or whether it still living can be very dangerous. If the tree to be removed is interfering with power lines or the roof of your home, think twice before removing it, perhaps having it trimmed professionally is a better solution.

This guide is for trees that are no more than twenty feet tall and about a foot in diameter, anything larger should definitely be handled by the professionals at tree removal Athens area as they have all the necessary rigging gear to take heavy limbs down as the cutting progresses.

The steps to take:

* Check all around to make sure there is no obstacles in the way of the falling; check for other trees, the car, overhead wires and the fence.
Have a good look at the tree; observe which way it naturally leans. Look for any potential hazards posed by the tree; dead or hanging branches can be dangerous. Check for any fissures or wounds in the tree trunk, if there are, the tree could have a rotten core. If the core appears to be rotten the tree should be felled at the stump and should be done by professionals.

* Set two escape routes that you can follow, one on either side of the tree that lead away from the expected direction that the tree will follow as it comes down.

* Once you are set in your mind that it is something that you can do safely, you are ready to bring the tree down. For larger trees the tool of choice is a chain saw, smaller trees can be felled with a hand saw. Plan on spending the whole day at this task, it is not as easy as you may think.

Instructions for felling the tree:

* Undercut: This is the guide that will make the tree fall where you want it to. The undercut is a “V” shaped notch that is cut in the trunk. The notch that is cut is a 90 degree notch, with 45 degrees either side of the horizontal center. This allows the tree to fall further before the two sides of the notch come together. The undercut should be about one quarter the trees diameter.

* Back -cut: Make the back-cut about two inches higher than the hinge point of the undercut, never make the cut lower. Once the tree begins to fall, kill the engine on the chain saw and move down the appropriate escape path.

Once the tree is down, the limbs are cut off starting at the bottom of the tree, once the limbs are off, cut the trunk into manageable sections for disposal by tree removal in Athens AL area.


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