Tops 3 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Fryer Safety in a Restaurant


Commercial fryers are wonderful machines that produce some of the most delicious comfort food out there. Even though they’re amazing machines, you still need to be trained in order to operate one in a safe and proper manner. When it comes to commercial fryers, safety plays a huge role in each cooking process. Here are 3 tips for maintaining fryer safety in a restaurant:

1. Use the Fryer Baskets to Remove and Add Food from Oil

Commerical baskets are designed to be used with your fryer. It is extremely important to be using the right kinds of accessories while you use a deep fryer. If you don’t, you’re going to risk damaging the food and causing harm to the operator and the unit.

2. Keep the Surrounding Area Clean

Even if you’re already doing what you need to do to be careful during operation, there’s still a pretty big chance that oil can escape and get onto the areas surrounding the unit, including the floors. That’s why it’s best to wear non-slip shoes in the kitchen. Even then, you could still fall. To better avoid accidents, put slip-resistant mats around the cooking area.

3. Never Use Plastic

Most people know this, but there’s always those few out there that don’t. You should never use any type of plastic while you’re operating a fryer. This includes plastic cookware, plastic dishes, or anything else that is made of any type of plastic, even strong and durable plastic.

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    Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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