Top Quality, Durable Blood Donor Chairs


Every medical office has certain needs but keeping their patients comfortable is always the top priority. This is achieved in one way by having the correct equipment to fit their needs. This equipment includes furniture that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable while also remaining safe and functional.

This is why any furniture used for medical procedures must be purchased from a trusted medical supplier. They must be able to provide durable furniture that is able to be sterilized and meet the needs of each patient. It also must be kept affordable.

Customized furnishings and equipment include such items as Blood Donor Chairs. These items can be in two different categories. One category is chairs for people having blood drawn. These are generally a standard chair with wide comfortable arm rests. They need to be large enough to accommodate any patient, be washable for sanitary reasons and allow the attending medical professional easy access to the patient.

Blood Donor Chairs that are designed for those people who are donating blood are lounge chairs or recliners. Again they must be made durable enough to hold all donors, be comfortably padded because of the lengthy duration the donor will be in them and be adjustable. The arms should adjust to allow the patient or donor to keep their arm positioned carefully and adjust back easily if a donor needs to be fully reclined.

Med-Care Manufacturing offers both of these chairs and much more. They have a large selection of finishes to choose from so you can customize your order to fit your personal decor. Their products include carts and cabinets, exam tables, chairs and more. They will custom build items to your specification and everything they build comes with a warranty.

If you are interested in portable Blood Donor Chairs that can be taken on blood drives, Med-Care Manufacturing can help. They have a lightweight, portable option that is can hold donors up to 350 lbs. It is adjustable, comfortable and durable.

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