Importance of Children’s Dental Services in Warrenton, VA

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Dentistry

New parents often wonder when they ought to take their children for their first visit to the dentist. The answer is: First visit by first birthday. Children at risk of early childhood cavities should visit a pediatric dentist by the time they turn one year old. Studies have proven that children of preschool age are getting cavities more and more, but cavities are not all parents and caregivers need to be aware of regarding childrens dental warrenton va.

What you learn on your child’s first dental visit:

1.    Caring for your infant’s/ toddler’s mouth.

2.    Correct use of fluoride.

3.    Oral habits, including thumb sucking.

4.    How to avoid accidents that may damage teeth and face.

5.    Teething and the milestones of development.

6.    Diet and its effects on oral health.

Causes of Early Childhood Cavities

  • Allowing your baby to sleep with a bottle. Liquids that have sugar in them remain around the teeth and gradually cause decay. Breast milk and baby formula are known to contain sugar.
  • Prolonged nursing or allowing a baby to fall asleep when nursing.
  • Allowing the baby to walk about with a bottle in hand.

The consequences of poor oral health lead to pain, infection, as well as teeth and gum destruction. If a child has a severe form of dental disease, it can lead to a delay in their overall development. Socially, children who regularly benefit from the services of childrens dental in warrenton va are more likely to feel confident about their appearance.

How to Help your Children Care for their Teeth and Prevent Cavities

Make oral care fun in simple ways like brushing together with your child or allow them to choose their own toothbrush in order to encourage them in proper oral care. Additionally, help your child brush twice a day with accepted fluoride toothpaste which will remove the sticky film on teeth known as plaque. Additionally, it helps to teach them the right way to floss. Reduce between-meals snacks and visit the dentist regularly as well.

SmileZ Pediatric Dental Group consists of a team of professionals who understand that providing dental health care to children is not the same as providing the same to adults. For this reason, not only are they highly qualified and competent, they are also skilled at making children feel comfortable, at ease and safe.

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