Tips For Selecting The Perfect Waterfront Wedding Venues On Long Island


There is an almost magical ambiance to a wedding that it is a combination of the beauty of the day, the importance of the ceremony as well as in the location that you choose. Today couples are able to select from a range of both traditional and very unique wedding locations. For many couples the idea of an outdoors wedding at one of the waterfront wedding venues on Long Island is all part of that magic.

Long Island is a wonderful choice for the wedding with its proximity to New York as well as the number of amazing parks, gardens, beaches and waterfront venues that are perfect for a spring, summer or autumn wedding outdoors. Indoor locations offering waterfront wedding venues in Long Island can also be a truly one of a kind setting for a winter wedding.

Plan Ahead

One simple way to ensure you can have the best selection of waterfront wedding venues on Long Island is to make sure that you schedule your wedding and view the venues well in advance. Remember that weddings are often booked up to a year in advance to reserve your date and time.
Have a Budget

Most couples find that the rental of the venue, regardless of the theme or style of the wedding, is one of the more costly aspects of the event. This is especially true if you ca considering a package where the venue provides catering, decorations and staff for the wedding and reception.

By having a good idea of what you can afford for waterfront wedding venues on Long Island you can narrow down your search criteria or have a much wider search. Surprisingly many of the venues are very reasonably priced when you stop to consider the beauty and stunning background they will provide for your special day.

Work Together

While many of the details of the wedding may be left to one person, choosing from the many waterfront wedding venues on Long Island should be a couple’s decision. You will both enjoy viewing the different venues, just be sure to take a lot of pictures or even a video of the location so you can compare all you have seen and make a final decision.

Waterfront wedding venues on Long Island are a beautiful option for your wedding. Be sure to plan in advance, stay on your budget and work with your partner to select just the perfect place.

Waterfront wedding venues on Long Island are a perfect place for a truly memorable wedding day. For more information on locations and services available visit our website at

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