Tips for Planning Your Trade Show Exhibit in South Florida


Tips for Planning Your Trade Show Exhibit in South Florida If your organization’s marketing efforts include a trade show circuit, then it likely does much planning to ensure success. There are many checklist items that go into trade show event planning.

The bigger the exhibit and crew attending, the larger your trade show budget will be. You will need to justify the expenditures with a targeted investment return. Many organizations tie sales leads and business generated from a trade show as return-on-investment (ROI). Plan future improvements to increase ROI.

Reserve Your Space Early
Companies compete for the best elbow room in crowded trade shows. Reserve your space as early as possible so the show is designed around you. If you become a late entry, then expect to be at the mercy of cancellations and smaller spaces.

Understand Your Contracts
Trade shows have specific payment, setup, and teardown deadlines. If you work with a large crew and/or subcontract booth setup with another organization, you will need to ensure everyone is in the loop.

Sales Meeting Planning
Meeting rooms or dedicated private space is essential for your sales staff to have conversations with warm leads. Ensure that your plans incorporate this important space.

Collect Feedback
Reach out to attendees and gather ideas about improvements and if the event met expectations. Aside from ROI, this feedback is important in future trade show event planning.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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