Tips for installing a wooden fence


Perhaps among all the various materials that are used for fencing in North Wales, a wooden fence is the most forgiving to install. Any fence, depending on the total length can take time to complete, from a few days to perhaps as long as a month.

Unlike other materials, wood can be easily cut to length on site, shaped and shimmed as required as the fence goes up. The primary considerations for installing a wood fence are the posts and the wood treatment. Pre-treat all the wood before using it, the part of the fence post which will be buried in the ground can be coated with additional protection, perhaps creosote or tar. Choose the wood carefully, wood such as cedar has a natural aversion to water and rot and will give a long life. Before the actual construction of the Fencing in North Wales begins, spend time to set the posts accurately, the spacing and the plumb are the keys to an easy installation.

The wooden fence posts must be dug deep enough to go below any frost line and then the hole must be filled with concrete to anchor the post. If this is not done, and the bottom of the post and concrete are above the frost line, there is a very good chance the posts will heave from the frost which will damage the fence. When the concrete has been poured, the top should be convex; this will eliminate any standing water which, over time, will rot the post at the point where it emerges from the concrete.

Long before the actual erection of the wooden Fencing North Wales begins, the correct choice of fence design must be considered. Not every fence can accomplish the same goal, a picket fence for example is ideal at keeping animals either in or out, but it provides no privacy for those in the garden. A privacy fence is taller and the slats are set closer together may prove to be the better choice. It is also very important that the best possible wood be used for the posts and panels. An inexpensive pine fence may be fine for fencing an inner vegetable patch but cedar may be a better choice for a privacy perimeter fence as is naturally resistant to rot and bug infestation.


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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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