New vs. Used – Finding the Best Options


No two buyers have the same set of circumstances when it comes to a caravan for sale in Ashford. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider purchasing a used caravan. To some it might seem like it is a compromise, but second-hand purchases have benefits.

Buying Used

If you are new to the caravan world, then this gives you the option to try it out with a lower cash outlay. This means that if you decide it is just not for you then the amount of money you lose in depreciation is minimal compared to buying new. It is important to do a full check from bumper to bumper to make sure that everything works properly and has been regularly serviced. Make sure that all the paper work is included before making your purchase. Make sure that the caravan is not an insurance write-off and that it does not have any outstanding finance liens against it. This part really only apply to private purchases. If you go through a dealer to find your caravan for sale Ashford, they will have serviced it completely which is a big reassurance before making your final purchase.

The original owner may have paid for many extras and security devices that are not reflected in the sales price. You get the benefit of these added devices and option that can lower your insurance premiums and gives you the peace of mind that you are avoiding having to come out of pocket for the installation of these options. Some caravans come with an anti-theft tracking device installed in them. It is important when buying from a private owner that you make sure the registration is transferred to you and that your contact information is provided to the tracking device company.

Buying New

If you can afford to purchase a new caravan for sale in Ashford, then you will have the added benefits of knowing you are the original owner. If anything should go wrong with your caravan, you will have the manufacturers’ warranty to fall back on. Some manufacturers offer guarantees for up to ten years. Buying new also means you are choosing the most up to date caravan with new mod-cons, security features, and accessories.

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Author: Kendrick Wilkes

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