Tips For Buying Used Cars In Connellsville


If you’re in the market for a new ride, Used Cars Connellsville area dealers have a wide variety of cars, trucks and SUV’s to choose from. Buying a used vehicle will save you money over buying a new one right off the showroom floor and many used vehicles are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Below you’ll find smart used car buying tips so you’ll be prepared when you go car shopping.

Plan your budget and know how much you can afford to spend on a used car before you go shopping. Don’t forget to add in the cost of sales tax, registration fees and possibly higher insurance premiums.

Decide what type of vehicle you want to purchase such as the make, model and the year of manufacture. If you’re going to shop with a used car dealer, such as Jim Shorkey Uniontown Kia, decide if you’re going to use your current vehicle as a trade in.

Walk around the vehicle and thoroughly inspect the car you’re interested in buying. In addition to looking under the hood, check for uneven tire wear, body work and for signs that the car has been repainted. If you can tell that the car has a new paint job or there has been body work done to the vehicle, chances are, it’s been involved in accident.

Ask the Used Cars Connellsville area car dealer for a safety report and a history report on the automobile. A history report will tell you if the vehicle has been involved in a flood or in a major accident. The odometer reading in the report should match the odometer of the vehicle you’re looking at.

Ask the car dealer if you can take the vehicle for a test drive so you can try it out. While driving the vehicle, take note of how the car sounds and runs, plus how good the brakes work. Notice if the seats are comfortable and if you have a good view of the road while looking out the side and back windows. Check the instrument panel to make sure that everything works, including the blinkers and stereo.

If you find a used car that you like and you have thoroughly checked it out, negotiate a price with your dealer. Many times you can get a better deal than what’s on the sticker, especially if you have a trade in vehicle.

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