Plumbing should not be taken for granted


When you are building a new home there are what seem to be a thousand decisions that have to be made. It takes hours of patient study before the right cabinets can be found, light fixtures, carpets and floor coverings, plumbing fixtures, etc. Even the windows have to be selected for size and efficiency.

But, when it comes to a very important component of your new home, there are few that pay any attention to the Plumbing In Martinez that the contractor will install. Many people assume that the choice lies with the builder and plumber and they have no say in it. For years the only alternatives were metal, either steel or copper but today it is a different story, there are now plastics which take a goodly proportion of the market, simply because they are better solutions.

Metal has demonstrated certain deficiencies over the years, pinhole leaks have happened frequently as have complete system failures. These problems are natural as the material itself is subject to corrosion, opening the door to the development of better alternatives, piping which is more reliable and virtually maintenance free.

Of these engineered plastics the one that has gained favor as a piping and plumbing fitting material is CPVC, post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. Fittings and pipes made from this material have numerous benefits over their metallic predecessors. The primary benefit is that fact that they never scale, corrode or pit, thus preventing any failures which can result in significant damage and loss.

This material, CPVC, is also thermally efficient; the properties naturally keep hot water hot and cold water cold. Over and above this is the fact that they are not subject to condensation, they do not drip and sweat, dropping water on the floor which over the years can damage the floor and be the cause of mold and mildew.

Copper plumbing in Martinez in particular has the tendency to leach toxins into the water supply as the joints are fluxed and soldered. As CPVC is joined with a liquid weld that does not leak and is as strong as the pipe itself, there is no possibility of leaching or failure.

CPVC pipes and fittings are becoming the standard for new construction but they are equally useful for repairs and extensions.

Plumbing In MartinezPlumbing In Martinez

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